\ˈa-mə-(ˌ)tər, -ˌtu̇r, -ˌtyu̇r, -ˌchu̇r, -chər\ n. often attrib

[F, from L amator lover, fr. amare to love]

Monday, July 28, 2014

Give Hugh Howey Fanfic BORN a Boost!!/bookshelf


I'm very grateful to all who've read my Hugh Howey fanfic story BORN.

The story is a contest entry.

In just a few days the submission period will be over and judging will begin.

If you have read BORN and enjoyed it, please spread the word.

If you haven't read BORN, please consider reading it.

Go to

Type the following in the site's search window: hughhoweyfanfic

BORN by Sasha A. Palmer - open, read and (I hope) enjoy

If you like BORN, please leave a comment and/or rate the story

Tell your friends

Thank you very much for your support,

Sasha A. Palmer

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hugh Howey Fanfic BORN (and a Fibonacci)!/bookshelf

Margo Roby of Wordgathering encourages us to try a form we have never written in.

I'm in the "self-promotion mode." Cannot help it.

Here's my Fibonacci:

Hugh Howey inspired
Written by Sasha A. Palmer

Margo very generously gave my contest entry a shout-out.  Thank you again, Margo.

If you haven't read BORN, please do.

Go to
Type the following in the site's search window: hughhoweyfanfic
Click on BORN by Sasha A. Palmer
Read and enjoy (I hope!) the story
Consider leaving a comment and/or rating BORN if you like it
Spread the word

Thank you very much.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

BORN, Hugh Howey fanfic!/bookshelf

I'm truly grateful to those who read, rated my story and left comments.

Thanks to you BORN is in 3rd place so far, but the competition is not over yet.

If you liked BORN, please spread the word.

If you haven't read BORN, please check it out.

Here's how to find it:

Go to

Once on the site type the following in the search window: hughhoweyfanfic

BORN by Sasha A. Palmer will show up among other stories

Thank you.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

#hughhoweyfanfic story BORN by Sasha A. Palmer

You must have heard about this cool competition by now. If not there's still time.

Read HALF WAY HOME by Hugh Howey and join in the fun.

And while you are at it, please check out the fanfic story BORN by Sasha A. Palmer :-)

It's just a few pages long, won't take much of your time.

I would appreciate the reads and comments.

Thank you,

Sasha A. Palmer

Monday, June 16, 2014


Getting ready for an adventure: living Internet-free for a whole month.

Will be back second half of July.  See you then.

Enjoy your summer and

Live for the Love of it,

The Happy Amateur (a.k.a. Sasha A. Palmer)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A poem in translation

Shared on Wordgathering.


   translated by Sasha A. Palmer

Do ask me to meet you

in this world, earthly.

Do ask me to meet you

in the twentieth century.

Without your love I can’t breathe, I am lame.

Think about me, turn around, call my name!

Do ask me to meet you

in that southern town,

Where the winds kept on circling

the hills round and round,

Where the sea would charm so

by its wave seven-colored,

Where the heart did not know

of love unrequited.

Recall now the secret date, very first ever,

when about the suburbs we wandered together,

Where between the cramped houses

the narrow streets pushed in,

Where people replied with an accent non-Russian.

The landscapes indeed were pathetic and wretched,

Recall though that even at that dirty junkyard

Those tin cans and bottles

with their diamond beaming

Of something magnificent seemed to be dreaming.

Above the abyss our path circled higher still…

Do you now remember that kiss

The day I don’t know,

but from that time on

You have been my air, and my light you have shone.

Let the years fly back in reverse rapid whirling,

And we’ll find ourselves in Granatny, that alley…

Do ask me to meet you right here on our earth,

Within your heart’s treasured and most secret warmth.

We towards one another

again will be walking,

While we’re still hearing,

While we’re still seeing,

While we’re still breathing,

And I through the weeping

Adjure you and beg you:

do ask me to meet you!

Do ask me to meet you,

if just for an instant,

In a large crowded square,

beneath the fall’s tempest,

I have trouble breathing, I pray for salvation…

If just in my final, my deathbed hours

Do ask me to meet you at those blue eyes.

1953, Dubulty

Мария Петровых

Назначь мне свиданье
на этом свете.
Назначь мне свиданье
в двадцатом столетье.
Мне трудно дышать без твоей любви.
Вспомни меня, оглянись, позови!
Назначь мне свиданье
в том городе южном,
Где ветры гоняли
по взгорьям окружным,
Где море пленяло
волной семицветной,
Где сердце не знало
любви безответной.
Ты вспомни о первом свидании тайном,
Когда мы бродили вдвоем по окрайнам,
Меж домиков тесных,
по улочкам узким,
Где нам отвечали с акцентом нерусским.
Пейзажи и впрямь были бедны и жалки,
Но вспомни, что даже на мусорной свалке
Жестянки и склянки
сверканьем алмазным,
Казалось, мечтали о чем-то прекрасном.
Тропинка все выше кружила над бездной...
Ты помнишь ли тот поцелуй поднебесный?..
Числа я не знаю,
но с этого дня
Ты светом и воздухом стал для меня.
Пусть годы умчатся в круженье обратном
И встретимся мы в переулке Гранатном...
Назначь мне свиданье у нас на земле,
В твоем потаенном сердечном тепле.
Друг другу навстречу
по-прежнему выйдем,
Пока еще слышим,
Пока еще видим,
Пока еще дышим,
И я сквозь рыданья
Тебя заклинаю:
назначь мне свиданье!
Назначь мне свиданье,
хотя б на мгновенье,
На площади людной,
под бурей осенней,
Мне трудно дышать, я молю о спасенье...
Хотя бы в последний мой смертный час
Назначь мне свиданье у синих глаз.

1953, Дубулты