Haiku & Haiga


soft petals
where a path
used to be

middle age
the invisible wings
of a hummingbird


midnight storm
closer with each boom
my old dog


overnight snow
the way silver sparkles
in your hair

she counts her years
on one hand

  • first frost, #3 

autumn rain
the sudden weight
of years

spent blossoms falling softly out of love

canning day
mason jars filled
with sunshine

  • Presence, #73

spring forward
waking up
to birdsong

dappled moonlight
soon to be a mother
of the bride

  • first frost, #4

autumn leaves all alone in the end

shooting star
the brush of your sleeve
against mine


clearing the garden
my spade cuts through an acorn
in its shallow grave

beneath the blossoms
she counts her years 
on one hand

my blind dog