Saturday, January 7, 2012

'Come Fly with Me'

Today's prompt from Carry on Tuesday is Sinatra's famous Come fly with me.

“Come fly with me, to that alluring shore,
Where summer never ends, the sky is blue,
Where birds are free, and you will cry no more…”
“I cannot fly with you, my heart is true
To the forgotten land of ancient kings,
The gloomy skies, the only joy I know…
My silver bird has spread its metal wings
She’ll take me back to winter, cold, and snow.”

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur


  1. Enjoyed! Flowed very nice. Thanks

  2. I'd have opted for the blue sky and romance any time.

  3. True...but they often come with a price. I wonder why?

  4. Oh no, not snow! I enjoyed your "Carry on Tuesday."

  5. OK, no snow, just winter :-) Thank you, Mary!

  6. Wow I really like this a lot, I can feel the longing, and that ending gave me the chills.

  7. Yeah! You got me singing here!!! Love the bit about the forgotten land of ancient kings.