Sunday, January 8, 2012

'Stranger Danger'

It's Jingle Poetry at the Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic!  The theme is children's s stories, riddles, counting songs, and rhyming lyrics for young (and young at heart) kids!

Here's my response.  A scary story with a happy ending.

'Stranger Danger'

Hey there kid, how do you do?
Come away, just me and you?
Hey there fella, grab my hand,
Come with me to fairyland?

Hey there mister, off you go!
I’m not coming, no, no, no!
Life in the wild is my thing,
I don’t need your circus ring!

I’m an elephant, take that!
And you made me mad, so scat!

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur


  1. enjoy it,

    playful on the elephant and her wishes.
    have fun!

  2. what a cute elephant. Like the poem through his view

  3. Delightful little poem!

  4. Thank you, Charles! And I really like your Billy Bully Bull story!

  5. Love this!! oh and I love your blog name :)

  6. Thank you, Susie! I have to admit, I'm pretty happy about my blog name, too! :-) Thank you for visiting!

  7. Thank you for joining Poets United. I have added your blog to our blogroll so others can discover you and your wonderful poetry. Poets United is what you make of it so explore, comment often and it will lead to folks doing so in return. We look forward to visiting your blog and reading your poetry.

    Your imagination is what fuels our community.

    ~ Robert Lloyd (Poets United)

  8. Thank you very much Robert!
    I've been enjoying your blog, it's a wonderful place to be. Thank you again for adding me to the blogroll, and thank you for visiting The Happy Amateur!