Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thank You!

One imperfect poet,
Striving for perfection, is
Perfectly happy!

Congratulations to all the nominees!  I am very grateful for the award!  I do accept, and want to thank everyone who organized the Rally, and participated in it.  I enjoyed reading the poems very much.  Look forward to more reading and writing!


I have the pleasure of nominating Lilly.  Thank you, Lilly, for the wonderful read!


Here is the poem I submitted for the Rally.  Thank you again for all your support, you made me very happy!

And thank you, Marc Chagall, for the inspiration!

Marc Chagall 'Progulka' ('A Stroll')


I’ve no weight, I’m a kite,
Fly me high, hold on tight,
Don’t let go of my hand,
Bye-bye, land!

Keep your feet on the ground,
Planet Earth’s small and round,
With its oceans and all,
Like a ball.

Limitations disperse,
You are my universe,
Standing firmly, and bound
To the ground.

I am air, I am light,
I am day, I am night,
Watch me how I go whee!
Fly with me?

Burning bright, burning clear,
From this world disappear
In the blink of an eye
You and I.

Live for the Love of it,


  1. Аноним, я тебя знаю :-)

  2. Congratulations of your award ... this was one of my favorite reads for the rally! Well done!

  3. This is a wonderful read, it feels light and airy and bursting with positive energy, happy new year.

  4. Thank you very much for the comment! Nice to see you again, and a very Happy New Year to you, too!