Monday, January 16, 2012

'Ungraceful Love'

This week's challenge from Poetic Bloomings - "HEY...THAT'S MY LINE!" - is to take a line from a poem by a fellow PB poet, and use it as a title/part of a new poem of your own.  It's proving to be lots of fun!

Here's my first attempt:

‘Ungraceful Love’

I tear to shreds my peaceful existence,
I create storms with hot angry tears,
Suffocating in harmony,
I long to see you rising
In your primal glory,
A bubbling, bumbling
Ungraceful love,
But the tide
Is low.

(The line ‘A bubbling, bumbling ungraceful love’ is taken from the poem ‘Bubbling up’ by Kimiko Martinez, photo prompt #37.)

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur

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