Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Russian Roots Tuesday


When I began blogging, I had this idea that I’d become an unsolved mystery.  I imagined people wondering, “Who is The Happy Amateur?  A man?  A woman?  Young?  Old?  What is T.H.A.?  Where does T.H.A. live?”  And so on…  I thought it would be great if my blog had a universal appeal, if I managed to reach out to each and every one on a very personal level, and still remain somewhat impersonal.  I soon realized, though, that it was pretty much an impossible task.  First of all, once you’re out there, no matter how hard you try to disguise yourself, it doesn’t take much to trace you, and find out your real name, your gender, whereabouts…  Secondly, after a while I just felt like using my real name sometimes, and I did.  Finally, having a universal appeal is, I now believe, wishful thinking.  Just like I have my preferences, favorites, as well as things I dislike; so does everybody else.  Cannot make everyone happy, althouth I’ll keep reaching out.  So, a few things about me are no secret anymore.  My nationality is one of them.  If it’s Tuesday, it’s time for

Russian Roots

Yes, I am Russian.  I am from, and of Russia.  Russia is my heart, body, and soul.  I live far – too far – away from Russia, and I deeply miss it.  I love my homeland, and I want to pay tribute to it, and share my love.  Do stop by on Tuesdays.  Maybe you’ll learn something new, maybe you’ll be inspired to explore something.  Maybe you’ll remember, recognize something, or see something differently…  The possibilities are vast, like Russia itself.

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur

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