Sunday, March 4, 2012

"The Sea" (poem)

Written in response to prompt #44 from Poetic Bloomings.

Koktebel, Ukraine (image credit: google)


 ~ The Sea ~

All four of us,
The whole compartment is ours -
Our cozy home
For twenty four hours.
My sister’s lucky :
Got to sleep all the way up,
I’m sure old enough,
But they said, “No.”
During the day though
They let me climb there,
I lie listening
To the railroad’s heartbeat:
Ta-dum, ta-dum… ta-dum, ta-dum…
Dozing off,
Waking up to the tinkling
Of glasses - hate the tea,
Love the glass holders:
Silvery-shiny, sun catching.
There’s more sun as we get closer,
During stops
Babushkas sell corn on the cob
And sweet cucumbers –
Won’t be long now.
I’m waiting, plastered to the window.
When I first spy it,
I mistake it for part of the sky –
Just another shade of blue.
When I realize what it is,
It starts playing games:
Peeking out, and hiding again,
Teasing, but in a good way.
It is there, I know it now.
Soon, very soon we’ll see it.
There’ll be a station first,
A small town with a salty breath,
A house painted white,
We’ll live in for a very long time –
A month –
A kind quiet woman
Will greet us at the gate,
She’ll feed us pelmeni
(The food I dread, I call them jelly fish, )
And her husband – if sober –
Will play an accordion, and sing.
Then there will be a hot path,
And ice cream you have to eat real fast,
Before it melts,
Sun hats – yes, but sunscreen – what is it?
And finally, we’ll see it. 
All consuming, dreamlike,
Inviting and generous, like a promise.
We’ll run towards it,
And it’ll wrap all around us,
Take us in -
My sister watching over me –
I’ll look up, wet and happy,
And see Mama and Papa,
Their impossibly young faces,
Smiling at us from the shore.

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur