Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Indie Author Goes Big

Are you an aspiring writer with a – remote from writing – day job you’re dying to quit?  Are you a frazzled parent who desperately tries to squeeze some writing time into the crazy daily routine?  Are you a broken spirit crushed by one too many rejections from agents and publishers?

Don’t be a broken spirit.  There’s hope for us – talented and rejected.  Perseverance is rewarded.  Keep at it, be flexible, dare try something different.  Who says you cannot take your rejected-to bits manuscript and turn it into a wildly popular e-book?  Who says there’s no way a publishing “biggie” would ever consider your e-book worthy?  Who says you would never – not in a million years – be able to become a full-time writer?

One indie author chose not to give up.  Now she’s ripping the benefits.  Good for her!  Who says it cannot be you next time?

Read about Tracy Garvis Graves and her road to success here:

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