Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Acrostic Time!

Another challenge from Margo Roby of Wordgathering - Acrostics.  Different kinds.  

"Sentence Acrostic"

The line embedded in the poem is taken from a song by Lucinda Williams: "All I ask: Don't tell anybody the secrets.  I told you."

I ever want is just to be with you
Ask of nothing more than simple truths 
Don’t go searching far for answers lying near
Tell me now.  Tell.  And we will both move on.
Anybody will do to spend some time with
The no strings attached, casual romance
Secrets unshared, painless, light coexistence   
I, with my taste for trouble, do not fit
Told. The truth is out finally.  I thank

"Long Line Acrostic"
Slow-motion days,
Unwinding lazily beneath the
Milky skies,
Melt into memories,

And finally,

"Double Acrostic"

Sun-kissed days stretching
Underneath the lazy skies, unwinding
Moments and musings,
Melting into memories,
Ethereal and enduring,
Radiant, red.

To read about the form and find links to acrostic poems - visit:

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