Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Island" (September Haiku, Day Nineteen)

It’s summer still.  Fall
Will lower the bridge over
Her castle’s moat.  Wait.

Color in her cheeks,
She’ll let you in her temple,
When golden leaves fall.

When loneliness rings,
She’ll wrap you in reds and golds,
Hand you a scepter.

She’ll make you her king,
You’ll be her Sun and her Moon,
She will bow to you.

You’ll call her Autumn,
You will be kind and patient,
You won’t offend her.

You will rule the stars,
You will ride the Milky Way,
Curb a wild comet.

You will know your moves,
Your mind will be quick, agile,
You will shed your doubts.

The passage of clouds,
The low whisper of twilight
Will render your thoughts.

She’ll stay by your side,
Nature’s daughter, your true love,
No gloss on her lips.

She’ll call you her own,
Honey is too sweet for her,
A hint of pepper.

You’ll read her music,
Scriptures earthly and divine,
Complex and easy.

You will dance to it,
She will surrender to you,
Her hair – strands of rain.

You'll experience
A beautiful symphony,
Consonance of souls.

No revelation –  
Just the quiet acceptance
Of what always was.

Just the belonging
To all of the Creation,
Breathing to the beat.

Grass below your feet
Will still be luscious and soft,
There will be still time.

You will have your dance
Before the meadow turns white,
Before the heart cools.

Should you ever starve,
She’ll sustain you with wisdom,
Strengthen you with love.

She’ll open your eyes,
You will see your universe –  
A tiny island.

 To be continued...

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur


  1. Its like turning a page to a new picture in each stanza. each one as thrilling as the previous!

  2. And the story goes on and on. Awesome take on island.

    1. I so appreciate your not getting tired of my story!

  3. Ah, now we are going to see an island. Can't wait for more of the journey.

  4. This is going to be really something when it's complete. Thank you for giving us a preview.

  5. Excellent will be the word for this island..

    I am here: http://rameshsood.blogspot.in/2012/09/she-cant-be-island.html#comment-form


  6. beautiful! each stanza , a poem in itself !

  7. Patti, Ramesh, justanotherwakeupcall (what's your nickname? :-) - thank you very much for your comments!

  8. Impressive story being built