Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Milky Way" (September Haiku, Day Six)

It’s summer still.  Fall
Will lower the bridge over
Her castle’s moat.  Wait.

Color in her cheeks,
She’ll let you in her castle,
When golden leaves fall.

When loneliness rings,
She’ll wrap you in reds and golds,
Hand you a scepter.

She’ll make you her king,
You’ll be her Sun and her Moon,
She will bow to you.

You’ll call her Autumn,
You will be kind and patient,
You won’t offend her.

You will rule the stars,
You will ride the Milky Way,
Curb a wild comet.

To be continued...
Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur 


  1. Wonderful optimism in your Milky Way haiku. These would be perfect encouragement for a child.

  2. I wondered how you would put that in here!

  3. Curb a comet...How wonderful. I love how this is unfolding!

  4. Love it - "curb a wild comet" and "ride the milky way"

  5. And the stories is unfolding ... nice haiku on Milky Way.

  6. So full of energy! Wonderfully written

  7. "curb a wild comet" conjures up images of the Old West and taming wild mustangs!

    Milky Way