Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Remember" (a wordle-poem)

The Sunday whirl:


My land in flames,
The enemy’s enormous,
A giant spider spins its fylfot web
Of death, and suffering, and slavery.
My people: men, women, children
Turning overnight into the old time warriors.
Their armor – unbroken spirit, and unshaken faith
In triumph of goodness over dark and evil.
Forefathers’ blessing is bestowed on them,
Fills them with grace as they go out to battle
For what is right.  The struggle’s long and fierce,
But ends in splendor, when the rugged banners
Of what once was an undefeated army
Are thrown in heaps onto the cobble stones
Of my own city.  For there is no force
That cows my land, my people into slaving.

The past not so remote, but forgetful
Man tends to be, so let us not forget.
May our minds turn into marble stelas
With names imprinted on them, names of millions.
Let’s read them all, all spelled in golden letters,
And bow our heads in silence,
And remember.

© Alexandra A. Palmer

Live for the Love of it,


  1. This is a very powerful story in verse. You did a great job with the prompt-words.
    Best, MK

  2. Clever, clever use of 'cows'. I really like the final stanza and the plea it holds.

  3. I would never have thought to use cows in that way. Very good. Strong poem, too.

  4. i love the call to become memorials...reading the names...there is strength in that....and the unbreakable much...

  5. Aha - another poet who used cows similarly to the way I did ... only other one I've found (that poem's on The Poet Treehouse; I can't remember if you got there or not ...) This is a supper poem by the way and you've wordled well and done a beautiful job of memorialising today ...

    My poem for today is an older one but one I'm still partial to - it's here:

    1. Will head over to the Treehouse, and then to the other link.
      Thank you for visiting me, Sharon.

  6. Epic story with the march of war and it's legacy made clear

  7. Yes, for sure tragedies MUST be remembered. They should not ever be forgotten. And yes, I'm all for those moments of silence as well as the reading of names!