Thursday, November 8, 2012

On Haiku and Origami (my origami chapbook is up!)


The September Heights haiku challenge hosted by Leo at Haiku Heights was good fun.  It’s always interesting to see how the same prompt – in this case, a specific word for each day of September – results in poems that are so different.  Different subjects, style, voice.  I chose to connect my haiku, in order to have a story by the end of the month.  I received a lot of support and encouragement as I was writing.  Thank you all so much.

Lynnie and Jan of Origami Poems Project have turned my haiku story into a lovely micro-chapbook, origami book; it fits on A4 sheet of paper and may be folded into a book, origami style:

Thank you, Lynnie and Jan, and thank you, Pip Hartnett, for the beautiful cover art.

Haiku and Origami, I'll toast you tonight.

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur
Image credit: Origami Poems Project


  1. Thank-you for sharing your beautiful poem in a book! Am I understanding that you have your novel for sale?

    p.s. I had to delete a few comments on my blog to fix my short-sightedness! so sorry.I doubt that anyone else saw it. Traffic on my blog is not that crazy:) I hope to do a book someday...oh me of little faith.

    1. You are very welcome!
      I'm trying to figure out why you thought I had a novel for I don't, at least not yet (oh me of little faith!) I was only referring to the micro-chapbook (in my case consisting of one poem only)available for free on the Origami Poems Project site.
      I'm very grateful to Lynnie and Jan for taking a chance on my poem. Browse through those origami books if you get a chance. Margo Roby is there, too!