Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"To Travel This Road or Not?" or "Down In the Dumps" (poem)


“…How appropriate. James Taylor is singing That Lonesome Road. Speaking of roads, think how many you have traveled down in all your years. Think of how many you didn’t travel down. Spend some time thinking about all the forks in your road, both literal and metaphorical.” 

“…The poem does not, ultimately, have to be about you. You are using what you come up with as material. You might want to write about moments of decision; or, a fantasy about a road not taken; or, the whys of choosing some roads over others. Consider writing in the third person.

Here’s my attempt.  The working title of the following short poem is DOWN IN THE DUMPS.  Enjoy.

she would be whole now
and to earth would not bow
picking up piece by piece
herself, would not trace
her steps back to “yes”
she would be at peace
her heart would stand still
and her words would not spill
on the new page's snow
if she'd chosen “no”  

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur


  1. How lovely. I can see heart spilling on snow.
    Also, Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays! You are an inspiration always.

    1. I'll take credit for the first line of your comment :-)
      Could it be that I'm the inspiration..always?.. Hmm... I think your words were meant for Margo, she had her birthday recently :-)
      Thank you, Sara, and Happy Holidays to you! Merry Christmas!