Monday, November 17, 2014

November 2014 Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge: Day 17

As years add up, and wishes of good health
Receive a hearty welcome where before
They were dismissed as useless, and by stealth
Time moves to have the best of us, and more
And more inclined we get toward sharing our
Sage seasoned wisdom, please at this fall hour
Of steel November days and sober nights
Let’s pick the ripened sun and use its zest
The recipes for summery delights
Are calling for. Let’s use the very best
Ingredients, like memories, and dreams,
And hopes so big they’re bursting at the seams…

Lest all the ills we are afflicted by
Conceal from us the beauty of July

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer (a.k.a. "Happy")

prompted by Poetic Asides


  1. Brilliant!! oh, I love this: 'Let’s pick the ripened sun and use its zest'.

    1. You're very kind, Janet. Thank you. With your encouragement I might even make it through the rest of the challenge :-)