Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weekly Wikems. Odyssey.

Hi everyone, it's Thursday. Wikems time.

Wikipedia poems - wikems. 

Here's the idea:
  • Each Thursday I post a link to a Wikipedia article, a quote from it and my wikem inspired by that quote.
  • I invite you to check out the article, searching for a quote that clicks with you.  (You are free to use the quote I provide if it happens to be the one.)  
  • Once you've found your quote, use it as an epigraph, write your wikem, and post a link to it in the comments below.  (You are welcome to post your wikem directly in the comments if you prefer.)

 Let's play:
My 9-year old son proudly informed me the other day that - since he's 25% Greek - his ancestor is Odysseus.

So, here's your Wikipedia article for today: 

 Here's my wikem:

"...their bed was made from an olive tree still rooted to the ground."

He tells her of ancient Greece,
Mount Olympus with its gorges,
and peaks, and gorgeous gods,
quick-tempered, violent,
unleashing their vengeance 
against mortals and each other.
He tells her of shining Ithaca, 
a tanned boy out in the sun,
a man with sea water in veins,
longing for voyage and land,
a wanderer whose very name
is casting lament upon his brow.

At nightfall he sheds his stories,
heart bared, stands before her,
trembling, heeding her silence,
a boy-man, rugged, tender,
weathered skin – a map of travels,
its salty lines aching for touch.

She takes his hand, leads him
into the deep of the island,
through the familiar orchard,
to the wedding bed, the olive
still rooted to the ground,
awaiting his homecoming.

Thank you for reading my wikem. 

I look forward to reading yours.

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer (a.k.a. "Happy")



  1. some Song of Solomon flavor here;)
    so good! you have such vivid imagery in your word-choice transporting the reader into the scene!

  2. Here's mine:)

    When You Dance With the Devil

    ... renowned for his brilliance, guile, and versatility...

    Renowned for his brilliance, guile, and versatility
    I should have kept my guard in place
    And never let him kiss my face
    In such a cunning bliss
    At all

    Renowned for his brilliance, guile, and versatility
    I should have known in advance
    That I didn’t stand a chance
    And when you dance with the devil
    You fall

    © Janet Martin

    1. Ouch...this is hot! :-)
      I like this, Janet. The Devil is a good dancer...

    2. Nicely done Janet. I think if we Wikem-writers also post our links at Margo's she might add it to her trove.

      When I read your piece what came to mind was the Farangi - of Star Trek. Devilish little characters. :)

    3. Sasha I enjoyed your piece. Being in a faithful relationship is a wonderful thing. Romantic story telling as in your piece offers charm, wit and history.
      Thanks for a wonderful prompt. There were so many ways to go...
      So I wove them all together ;)

    4. Thank you for your comment, Jules. True, Odyssey offers a million possibilities. I look forward to reading what you've come up with.

  3. ;0 keeps one on their toes...

    Do you think Margo would add this prompt to her weekly shout-out of what's going on?

  4. I had fun with this...

    Also at:

    1. Hi Jules,
      I'll come visit you soon. So glad you had fun with the prompt :-)