Thursday, March 5, 2015

Weekly Wikems. Flame.

Margo and I happened to have the same prompt idea this week. 
You "fell into a burning ring of fireon Tuesday and the flames are still high today. :-)

Thursday. Make it wikems time.

Wikems = Wikipedia poems

  • Each Thursday (usually around 8a.m. Eastern, but I slept in today :-) I post a link to a Wikipedia article, a quote from it and my wikem inspired by that quote.
  • I invite you to explore the article, searching for a quote that clicks with you. (You are free to use "my" Wiki quote if it happens to be the one.)  
  • Once you've found your quote, use it as an epigraph, write your wikem and post a link to it in the comments below.  (You are welcome to post your wikem directly in the comments if you prefer.)

 Let's play!

My dog Ralphie (see above) loves watching the fire. Flames mesmerize him. We think he's a dog poet. And he gave me an idea for today's
wiki link: 
Go Explore. Search. Find. Write.

“…it can initiate without any external ignition source.”

No one saw
beyond the cold facade
her manner that seemed aloof
yet cried out

No one read
the markings on her face
invisible to the heart
that knows not

No one felt
the flame she stored within
ignited without a spark
pale blue as
her soul  

Thank you for reading. 

Look forward to your wikems.

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer (a.k.a. "Happy")



  1. what a picture you paint of the girl with the lonely soul; a poet, no doubt, for poets will ever be a little lonely...and your dog is a poet, for sure! just look at him...or maybe he's simply reminiscing like this poet does (can't resist, but share a poem that sometimes comes to me when I sit and watch the fire)

    There in the flame of the open grate,
    All that is good in the past I see:
    Red-lipped youth on the swinging gate,
    Bright-eyed youth with its minstrelsy;
    Girls and boys that I used to know,
    Back in the days of Long Ago,
    Troop before in the smoke and flame,
    Chatter and sing, as the wild birds do.
    Everyone I can call by name,
    For the fire builds all of my youth anew.
    Outside, people go stamping by,
    Squeak of wheel on the evening air,
    Stars and planets race through the sky,
    Here are darkness and silence rare;
    Only the flames in the open grate
    Crackle and flare as they burn up hate,
    Malice and envy and greed for gold,
    Dancing, laughing my cares away;
    I've forgotten that I am old,
    Once again I'm a boy at play.
    There in the flame of the open grate
    Bright the pictures come and go;
    Lovers swing on the garden gate,
    Lovers kiss 'neath the mistletoe.
    I've forgotten that I am old,
    I've forgotten my story's told;
    Whistling boy down the lane I stroll,
    All untouched by the blows of fate,
    Time turns back and I'm young of soul,
    Dreaming there by the open grate.

    Edgar Albert Guest

    See you soon:)

    1. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous poem, Janet.

      My favorite image is the one of the "Red-lipped youth on the swinging gate", and then again, it swings back at the end: "Lovers swing on the garden gate."

      "Young of soul" - beautiful.

    2. those are exactly the lines that warm my heart-cockles too:)

  2. Here is an immediate response before I let the embers smolder for a while:)

    I seek them out
    Drawn it seems,
    By fearless trust
    And brave day- dreams
    By history
    Souls soft-stirred
    With mystery
    Eyes, like candles
    Time is long
    For they are young
    So, I seek them out
    Where hungry desire
    Bids me warm frozen dreams
    At childhood's fire

    1. Thank you, Janet. You're so generous.
      I remember the "Time is long" feeling, when 'life is too short' was boring and untrue, something for old people. :-)

    2. too! now I find myself echoing those ancient words;-)

  3. “In zero gravity environment, the flame becomes spherical”
    Basic element no longer absolute but illusion
    Blue lined atomic combustion egg
    Iris of contained destruction
    Or perhaps uncharted
    World enclosed

    1. Hi, welcome back :-)
      Absolute becoming illusion - I like that.
      Spherical flame - fascinating, isn't it?

  4. So elegantly simple. I went a tad complex with only slight references. I hadn't thought about the haiku linkage until Margo pointed it out.

    I am using the same piece that I used for Margo as well as other prompts.
    I was waiting... but you slept in. So now that I've shoveled about 8 inches of snow from my drive and walks (for the third time) - the plow has yet to make a good pass so I am sure I will have to dig that part of the driveway out again tomorrow...

    Please accept part 2 of The Electric Series of Brian Strong (two more pieces now follow this one).

    1. Jules, I'm so grateful you were waiting :-) It's a huge motivation for me. Kids had (yet another) snow day, and today was one of those days when everybody decided to sleep in. It's nice every once in a while, and much needed.
      And I've just come back from shoveling, too!

    2. yay, you're getting snow! wasn't sure how far down the eastern sea-board that storm roamed!

    3. Most of our "snow days" would seem a joke to you - sometimes it's just a few snowflakes, and schools close :-)

      Yesterday it was snowing pretty much all day, nothing major - we got maybe about a foot.

      It's still cold today, the snow's not melting yet, it's sunny, and very pretty out. :-)