Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Poetic Asides Poem-A-Day April Challenge Day 1: Resistance

April madness begins...

Written for Poetic Asides (special thanks to Margo):


They saw lightning from behind closed curtains
They heard thunder on their flat tin roofs
Their ragged hearts expanded like the air
In the path of the electrical discharge

In the never ever town of Everington
They saw a boy dance up the empty streets
In his hand-me-down fisherman’s sweater
Stone-washed jeans the color of the sea

They heard the sound of his fiery feet
Echo in the depths of the coal mines
Stir the ancient beast lying upon
The Magna Carta of the human identity

They gasped as he leaped o’er the brick walls
Free as the rain breaking the cloud open
Light with the eleven-year-old wisdom
The soles of his shoes worn out as their souls

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer ("Happy")


  1. How beautiful, Sasha. The imagery is strong and powerful. Check your first line: 'the' or 'they'?

    1. Thank you, Margo.
      (And it's "they" - I've corrected it, thank you.)

  2. Such a beautiful rush of vivid images!