Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Weekly Wikems. Mind.

Hello, everyone,
hope all's well with you.

It's Thursday. Feel like writing a wikem?

I'll start on a sad note. A very close friend of mine passed away not long ago. Although we kept in touch through email, we haven't seen each other for the past six years: the pond separating us.

Maybe for that reason - the physical distance, maybe just due to her being one of the liveliest people I've met, the news of her passing hasn't really sunk in until now.

I had a dream. Scientists can probably dissect it and attach labels to its parts. I don't know how mind works, or what mind is for that matter.

I know what I felt. I know she came to tell me that she was gone. And that she wasn't. 

Let's explore mind today.

Here's your wiki link:

Here's my contribution:

"The generalization of mind to include all mental faculties, thought, volition, feeling and memory, gradually develops over the 14th and 15th centuries." 


you came to see me
it had nothing to do with
memory of you

my feeling or thought
it was your own volition
to come to visit

angels did not sing
there was no revelation
you were simply there

you stayed for a while
then without goodbyes you left
just walked out the door 

Looking forward to your wikems.

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer ("Happy")


  1. Your poem is so alive and so touching. Hope you sense my hugs to you! I often thought of you in April and hoped you were okay and although I was not a lively part of PAD this year I did miss your poetry after the 10th.

    I'll be back later while the room in my head, or is it a network? processes and ponders this prompt. For now I go to the garden to re-plant after it was plundered by cattle this a.m.;( Thankfully it was not fully planted yet and our growing season is long enough to tolerate and allow a re-plant of the damaged rows.)

    1. Thank you, Janet. I sense your hugs :-)

      I did about half of the challenge in April. Then went to Russia to be with my family, leaving the other half of my family on this side of the pond. I was away for three weeks, a long time, but it was necessary.

      It was a bit of a shock to everybody's system, and we're just getting back into our routines, including my posting wiki prompts :-)

      I hope to stick to them for a while.

      So sorry about your cattle accident! I forget, do you have a fence around your garden? Cannot remember from the pictures.

      Hugs to you,

  2. Oh, it seems there is no end to trouble and grief, is there. So much bad news around here these days that its hard sometimes to keep the optimism flowing!! My garden will survive:) Thank-you.
    The pasture fence goes around two sides of it but these giddy beasts plundered clear through the fence I was trying to corner them into! Maybe they had a case of spring fever!!


    1. Already visited and enjoyed the dandelion in the breeze :-)

      Hope your garden is recovering.

  4. May your memories be for blessings.

    My Wikems is here:

    1. Thank you, Jules.

      Went to your blog, enjoyed your take on Wikipedia's mind :-)

  5. After reading the comments, I want nothing so much as to be able to hug people. Take care.

    1. Hugs are good. Hugs all around :-)
      Thank you, Margo.