Thursday, May 14, 2015

Weekly Wikems. Philosophy.

Hi, everyone,
hope all's well with you.

I'm late posting. Missed last Thursday, because I was travelling and had problems signing into my blog. Didn't post this morning for no legitimate reason. At least it's still Thursday. How about writing a wikem?

The title of a blog post on the Missouri Review site drew my attention: Why You Should Read a Book and Stop Skimming Wikipedia

One thing in that post I thought was particularly curious:

 "...on any of Wikipedia's millions of pages, clicking on the first link in the text and then repeating the process for subsequent articles will inevitably lead you to the page for "philosophy."

So, here's your Wikipedia article for today, feel free to skim it to find a quote that will inspire your poem:

Here's my contribution:

Ethics, or "moral philosophy," is concerned primarily with the question of the best way to live, and secondarily...the question of whether this question can be answered." (Wikipedia)

Why are humans cursed
with moral philosophy,
why can’t we just live?

Just greet each new day
living our life to the full,
why take life apart?

Why search for something
that may be non-existent,
why not let it rest –

our zeal to find out
what the best way to live is,
why not live instead?

Looking forward to your wikems.

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer ("Happy")

P.S. I don't know why, but I feel burned out this year writing-wise. I thought wikems would get my creative juices flowing, but no.

I tried forcing myself to write. It's just not my thing. 

I'll post when I feel the urge to write and share my writing.

And I'll devote more time to reading.

I thank you very much for supporting wikems; maybe we'll revive them some day, who knows.


  1. We all need to find our own balance. Enjoy your reading and take whatever time and space you need for what ever creative avenue you choose to pursue.

    Thank you for your creative Wikems. Here is the link to mine.

  2. I'm happy to be back in Wikem Haven lol :D