Friday, June 17, 2016

A Fresh Start: Morning in the Garden

a sunbathed morning
after a night full of rain
a new day opens

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer (aka Happy)


  1. Replies
    1. It's beautiful out. My house needs so much work, but I cannot stay indoors on a day like this. Off to dig, dig, dig :)

  2. A sunny day, a most welcomed day certainly!


  3. I might be out doors more if the bugs didn't bite me so much...
    As it is I am out enough ;)
    I've got one yellow pepper still green and tons of tomato flowers.

    Something ate most of my canna lilies. The rose bush I tried growing from a stem got eaten too. But I have two little willow trees that survived in a pot.

    Better weed some now though as it will get to hot mid-day. Need to trim my arbor and some tree branches much to do :)

    1. I's either early morning or evening for yard work. And then the bugs come out -- would love to watch fireflies, but cannot stand the bites. Life's tough :)

      Sorry about your lilies and roses, Jules. I have knockout roses that require very little maintenance. This year they were under a caterpillar attack, I picked the caterpillars off the leaves for several days. That seemed to work. Quite a few leaves were eaten, but the roses bounced back.

      Sounds like you're going to harvest a lot of veggies!

  4. A beautiful day indeed, esp with warmth and lovely flowers :)

    Isn't summer just the best? Totally being biased cause I love summer

    I'd be thrilled to see you at mine

    1. Hi JB,
      yes, summer's pretty great :)
      Wish it lasted longer..