Thursday, December 1, 2016

Girl Power: Tree Stump Removal

My husband had to remove a sick Holly Tree some time ago, and here's what was left of it:

Even though he dug around the stump, and сut the big roots with an ax, the stump was in there pretty good. We thought we'd leave it as it is until spring, but the weather was perfect for yard work today, and "the force was with me," so I decided to give it a try.

I dug some more, all around the stump, and uncovered four--deeper lying--roots, substantial enough to keep the stump in place. I dug around and under the roots (until I could fit my palm and move it under the roots easily) to make sure I wouldn't ruin my handsaw by hitting the dirt.

Then I sawed...and sawed...and sawed...and...voilà:

I didn't even have to use a crowbar. Once the roots were cut, I lifted the stump without any trouble. Here's the defeated stump posing with the tools of the trade:


Nothing like tree stump removal to boost a girl's confidence!

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer (aka Happy)


  1. I have a tree stump that needs to come out -
    are you for hire :)

    (I think I'll work on it tomorrow.)

    1. I think I am, let me just check my "tree stump removing" schedule... :)

      Be careful, Jules. Don't do anything too strenuous. Not all tree stumps are created equal. Mine wasn't massive, and its biggest roots were already cut -- still, though doable, it wasn't an easy job. I'm not sure I'd want to tackle it again.

    2. We had lightening strikes on some back trees. One larger one (towards the back of the yard) took down an ornamental cherry - that is the stump that remains. With the ground freezing a tad that job may have to wait until spring. It's been like that for a couple of it isn't going anywhere.

      Yesterday, I did have to clean out the gully a bit (we are at a low point in the neighborhood and most of the rain water in the street ends up there). Quite a bit of oak leaves (I don't have any oaks...but the neighbors do) clogged up the entry of the run off into the creek.

    3. I might do a bit more raking, but other things will have to wait till spring: looks like it is finally getting cold outside.