Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I posted this on Poetic Bloomings earlier today.


‘I’ll feel the distance if you move away,
Please, think again…again…again…again.’
Now when she’s having night, I’m having day,
And when she’s having snow, I’m having rain,
And I can never get to her by train…

With eyes too dry from holding back the tears
She watched me leave, wrapped in my doubts and fears,
And eased the burden of a looming choice
With words unsaid that help me through the years,
‘Amen to you, be happy, and rejoice.’

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur


  1. Сашок, не грусти, пожалуйста. Мы очень-очень-очень тебя любим.

  2. I feel the separation, the heartbreak in this. When our children go off into the world, we must rejoice that this person we nurtured is free to stay or go, hiding the pain inside.