Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Put a Smile on a Dog's Face

This limerick just popped into my head this morning.  Here it is:

'Every Dog Has His Day'

There once lived a merry chap Kyle,
Had a doggy that never did smile.

There and back in the blink
Of an eye, “Where’s my drink?”

Kyle is sad, but his dog’s got a smile.

On a serious note, consider adopting a dog.  Things might not go smoothly at the beginning.  There will probably be a period of adjustment - primarily emotional - for both of you (especially if the dog has history of abuse and/or neglect.)  But stick with it, do not give up.  If you make it work, your love will be returned a hundredfold.  Put a smile on a dog's face.

It feels like our dog has been with us forever.  I cannot imagine our life without him.  We found our guy a little bit over a year ago through this site:

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur


  1. *Smiley-face from the crazy cat lady*

    (I'm too lazy for dogs,
    so I make do with cats and poems)

  2. There's plenty of sad cats out there in need of a loving home. I heard that

    There once lived a merry chap Kyle
    (Had a kitty that never did smile.)
    There and back in the blink
    Of an eye, "Where's my drink?!"
    Kyle is sad, but his cat's got a smile!

  3. I absolutely adore this little doggie post. It's so cute!