Friday, February 10, 2012

Almost Anything Friday


As much as I need and love planning, I also need some ‘free time.’  In fact, I plan for it.  :-)  A special time for indulging in an unplanned activity.  If it’s Friday, it’s time for…

Almost Anything

That means anything I feel like posting.  Almost anything. …  Another thing I would just love is hearing from you.  Maybe, Friday can be the day we talk.  Maybe, you want to ask a question – go ahead, we can turn Friday posts into an Ask Amateur/Amateur Answers sort of thing.  Maybe, we can have a discussion.  Doesn’t have to be about poetry, or writing.  Can be almost anything.  I’m open to suggestions.  Have a great weekend, see you soon!

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur

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