Thursday, February 9, 2012

'An Old Dog'

Poetic Bloomings encouraged us to write a poem with a word 'old' in the title.

"We do all those old tricks electronically now."

~An Old Dog~

“Time for your lesson, Mama!”
(Oh, hear my silent cries!)
He won’t see the drama
I carefully disguise.

“Watch, Mama, how I do it,
It’s so easy, see?”
(Oh, help me suffer through it!
Oh, woe, woe to me…)

He’s only just discovered
His sister’s DSi*,
“Look, Mum, I got it covered.”
(Why me?  Oh, why, oh why?...)

He’ll probably think I’m slow,
My son, he’s only six,
He is too young to know
About old dogs and tricks…

* DSi is a handheld game system created by Nintendo.

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur

Image credit: Charles Barsotti


  1. HAHA!!! This reminds me of my kids trying to teach me to 'double-click' the mouse. We got our computer approx. 5 years ago and SLOWLY this old dog is learning...

    I love it!

    1. I'm constantly amazed at how quickly kids learn, it just comes natural.. I'm going to have another 'lesson' today, wish me luck..
      Thank you for stopping by, Janet! :-)

  2. Well now I seem to be the only one in my family that has entered into the world of 'Blog' so y'all are gonna have to teach me what you learn. ...The blind leading the blind?
    I'm just learning how to use the 'in demand' programming on the TV - we've only had it, well since it started. Where's my ole' dial rotary four line party phone?

    1. 'The blind leading the blind' is pretty accurate :-) I only started a couple of months ago, and I learn as I move along. And I'm still figuring out our TV and the remote... Some technical gurus we are!

  3. What a generation gap... I haven't played this myself..he..he...

  4. I tried to play - as part of my 'lesson' - but I'm just no good...