Monday, March 12, 2012

"At the Poolside" (poem)

A prompt from Poetic Bloomings:

"Write a poem from your future successful self giving advice to your present day self, and convince yourself to stay the course."

~ At the Poolside ~

The breeze is cool,
Down by the pool
I sip my gin with ice.
There is no day
Without pay
Oh, how very nice!

My older self,
Reach for that shelf
You keep your future on!
Do what is right:
Get down and write,
Before the urge’s all gone!

Be strong, be brave:
You’ll have to slave,
You will turn thin and pale;
But fate is kind,
And when you find
That paycheck in the mail –

The very first
One what a burst
Of joy! You’ll grin and grin!
Then there’ll be more –
Paycheck galore!
And oceans of gin!

So, please my self,
Dust off that shelf,
Turn on that light within,
Your talent use!
You snooze I lose:
No pay, no pool, no gin!

Get off life's hook,
And write that book,
Unleash your voice divine!
I know, you can,
For I’m your fan,
The older self of mine!

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur

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  1. Pay it Forward! For yourself no less. Enjoyed very much. Could not make it to Bloomings this week, oldest child was in town; will have to get by and read.

    1. Thank you, Mark, glad you liked it! It's fun over at Bloomings, a fun prompt. Enjoy having all your kids by your side. You'll catch up on writing later.

  2. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  3. You are very kind, Laura :-) I had fun writing it!