Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Don't Look Back" (poem)

Written in response to the 100th prompt from We Write Poems!  The prompt was: Poet's Choice!  I've chosen: "Don't look back."

~ Don’t Look Back ~

Back in my day
It used to be wild
The opposite bank of the river
Unruly growth all the way down to the water

At dusk
Sounds would travel across
And we’d listen with wonder and awe
To the primal music of the high pitched screams
Of an unfortunate grass eater caught unawares

Centuries passed
But I still wander
Staring back at the other side
Eyes – old, but sharp – tracing the granite graveyard

Listening closely
For the stifled murmur of the past echoes
I lost something there, it’s lying there buried
Underneath the glass giants camouflaged as the sky

The young
Tell me to let go
They say if you squint a little
You can glimpse a rainbow in the rainfall of steel

Let go
They might be right
Maybe I got it all backwards
What do I know? Who am I anyway?
I’m just a dinosaur looking for his backbone.

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur

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