Friday, April 6, 2012


Hi everyone!

I think there's a very good chance of my going crazy.  First of all, I reread the latest poem I posted and thought to myself, "What on earth is this?"  I clearly remember understanding my poem as I was writing it though...  So, I'm not sure if I was confused back then when it did make sense or perhaps I'm confused now when it doesn't...  Maybe - to quote a charming character from a great old (1940) movie "The Shop Around The Corner" - I'm just altogether "psychologically confused."

Anyway, here's a conversation I had with my husband today.

My husband comes back after talking to our neighbor, a very nice lady.  He says:

- Bev is going to grease a turkey, so I'm gonna help.

- ??? She's going to grease a turkey...

- She is.

- ...and you're gonna help...

- I'm gonna water her plants.

- ???

- She's going to grease a turkey, and I'm gonna take care of her plants!

- ...

It went back and forth like this for quite a while, before we both figured out what the other one meant...
Did you?  :-)

What can I for the love of it!

The Happy Amateur

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  1. While your neighbor 'buttered' her turkey and her hands were too slippery your husband said he'd water her plants for her...? Lot's of folks use the term to 'grease' something when they are going to either oil up or butter up food. I always top poultry with a nice coat of margarine to help keep the bird moist and to help crisp the skin.

  2. I have NO idea! I can think of things that are 'R' rated and I'm sure that's not it;))

    1. Oh my, Janet, YOU can think of 'R' rated things?! :-)

  3. it's quite an honor to care for someone's plants. ifyou dont' do a good job, they can die

    stripper limerick