Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"The Fox is Fine" (an apologetic poem)

I've received concerned responses to my yesterday's post about an encounter with a fox.
Everyone seems to be worried about that "lost animal."  I felt compelled to say that 

~ The Fox is Fine ~

I think I owe you
An apology, my dear
Animal lovers.

I did see a fox,
No question about it, but
He was doing fine:

Checking out my yard,
Walking like he owned the place,
Looking quite happy.

He was never lost,
He just stopped for a visit -
An intrusive guest.

It’s one of those things…
You can blame my Muse. Better
Still, blame the sly fox!

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur

Image credit: flickr


  1. Thanks, Mosk! I loved the pic, too, such a great grin!

  2. We seem to get worked up over wild life. Yet that is indeed what they are...wild. I think too that we can get lost in those beautiful eyes... sly critters.

    1. It was wild all right. I was glad I was inside :-)

    2. Indoors, I meant to say; the whole family watched the fox through the living room window.