Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Soul Mate" (poem)

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~ Soul Mate ~

“No shoes in the house!” she says.

Oh, those European ways!

Bumped my toe – nobody cares,

She’s worried about the mud

On the floor,

Nothing more.

My dog’s at my side, he licks

My bumped toe, my pain he feels.

If unconditional love 

Is what you seek, look inside

The dog’s eyes

There it lies.

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur 


  1. Always! I enjoyed this:) For the last 30 min. I've been trying to set up twitter. I think I may have messed up. Something isn't right:) When you see the blue birdie on my blog you'll know I've figured it out!

    1. Thank you, Janet!
      I've set it up somehow, but there's still A LOT to learn. It's not as simple as it seemed... Good luck, hope to tweet you soon!

  2. so true...pups and pets def know the secret of unconditional love...there is much we could learn from them in that...but i do love being bare foot...smiles.

  3. I never got the need to not wear shoes inside until I lived in MN, where all the mud and snow just made it practical. Sometimes you just have to admire the sagacity of the old ways! :) I know the dogs will give as much love as they get, and more, and it is indeed wonderful too. This poem has the charm of seeing things simply and as they are. Excellent.

    1. Thank you, Charles! I also tried to see things through my husband's eyes: I'm afraid, I'm the "uncaring she" in the poem :-)

  4. I am very blessed to have two dogs that display that unconditional love whenever I look into their soulful eyes.

    1. I know, dogs are great! Thank you for visiting, Laurie!

  5. Somber. But beautifully written.

    1. I'm glad: I wanted it to be somber :-)
      Thank you very much for the comment!