Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Gloss" (September Haiku, Day Nine)

It’s summer still.  Fall
Will lower the bridge over
Her castle’s moat.  Wait.

Color in her cheeks,
She’ll let you in her castle,
When golden leaves fall.

When loneliness rings,
She’ll wrap you in reds and golds,
Hand you a scepter.

She’ll make you her king,
You’ll be her Sun and her Moon,
She will bow to you.

You’ll call her Autumn,
You will be kind and patient,
You won’t offend her.

You will rule the stars,
You will ride the Milky Way,
Curb a wild comet.

You will know your moves,
Your mind will be clear, agile,
You will shed your doubts.

The passage of clouds,
The low whisper of twilight
Will render your thoughts.

She’ll stay by your side,
Nature’s daughter, your true love,
No gloss on her lips.

To be continued...
Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur


  1. Enjoyed todays episode. I am enjoying these daily snippets very much.

  2. Where does this 'haiku story' ends ... wonderful ... I love that surprise

  3. I'm enjoying this too. Each haiku builds on the whole and carries the overall story forward. It's well-done.

  4. Aha I know what is going to happen!

  5. Amazing! Can't wait to see what's coming. You are doing a wonderful "job" here!

  6. Very nice progression that you have going here... I haven't seen anything quite like it from any of the other writers.