Friday, April 19, 2013

Protect your wordpress blog!

once again I encourage wordpress users to take steps to protect their blogs from hackers.  You might be unwillingly sending out spam or offensive material without even knowing it.  The person on whose wordpress blog a youtube video was posted did not know anything about the video, did not know the video was there.  Apparently, it was not visible to the owner of the blog, but it was to the blog visitors.  The video, as I only now realize, was not just stupid.  It was an offensive, I believe, anti-American message.  I feel that it celebrated the bombings in Boston.
Change your password.  Make it strong.  Do not use "admin" as your username.

Here's more info:

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur


  1. Thank-you for caring enough to post this. I needed to take the anonymous option off of my blogspot. blog because I had crazy amounts of spam. If it's okay I will link to this post in my side-bar for awhile.

    1. Sure, Janet, go ahead and link to this. And thank you very much for the anonymous option tip - I'll do the same, because I've been flooded with spam lately.

  2. Thank-you:) Yeah, I had a friend complain that she can no longer comment and some people are reluctant to create a profile but, yes, the spam is so crazy and now I have none so it seems to be the only option.