Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wishing Upon a Star

To be sung to the tune of “When You Wish Upon a Star…”

To all folks from near and far
Let us tell just what we are:
Students, teachers, H.S.A.–
We’re O.L.V.

Dreamers, learners we embrace,
We’re a truly special place,
Once you’re here, you’ll want to stay
At O.L.V.

Cyber friends,
The going has been tough,
Our funds are not enough–
Consider helping.

We don’t dwell in Fairyland,
No, we’re here, in Maryland.
We’re still here at O.L.V.–
"The place to be."

Cyber friends,
We humbly ask of you:
Please, send a check or two,
The sky’s the limit.

Be “a bolt out of the blue,”
Do “step in and see us through,”
And one day your dearest dream
Will too come true.

     I’m in charge of a fundraiser for my kids’ school.  A school rich in history, cultural diversity, and character.  A school in which former students eagerly enroll their own kids – that kind of school.
     Our Lady of Victory is open to everyone.  Its academic excellence and great atmosphere draws in students from various religious backgrounds as well as children from nonreligious families. 
     O.L.V. is, however, a Catholic school and, like most Catholic schools across the country, it experiences financial difficulties.    
     We–parents, students, teachers–remain positive and hope for the best, but the school could use all the help it can get.  And I could use all the ways of raising money I can come up with.
     Whether you are a Marylander or not, Catholic or not please, consider supporting a very special school.  Help it stay afloat and get through tough times.  Spread the word.  Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Please, make your checks payable to Our Lady of Victory School,
write T.H.A. Fundraiser on the memo line,
and mail the checks to:

Our Lady of Victory School

4416 Wilkens Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21229

Thank you.

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  1. hey i used to live in baltimore....i know where you is hard on all schools...the cuts keep coming and it gets harder and harder to provide...esp religeous schools that dont get govt wishes on raising money...

    1. Small world :-)
      Thank you for the good wishes and thank you for letting me use dversepoets for a little publicity. I appreciate it.

  2. Good luck with your fund raising. That poem / song should inspire people, I think! Very cool.

  3. What a great parody and I hope you provide the inspiration that will make your fund raising a success.

  4. smiles...i like the embracing of dreamers and learners... most schools focus on just learning and knowledge...sounds like a special place indeed