Sunday, August 17, 2014

CAVE OF SWIMMERS (a wordle poem)

What did she care about transgression
Silhouetted against the orange desert sun
When I threw myself upon her altar?

What was the demimonde of others
When my entire grand universe
Pulsated at the base of her throat?

When the ancient rites blew away maps
When the fiery Africa became a gray area
What did we care about death?

For each time a candle is lit
In the asylum of the cave
The swimmers are reborn.

Sasha A. Palmer

written for The Sunday Whirl 


  1. Sometimes it seems strange when one knows the inspiration….I would never have guessed.

  2. That last verse is stunning...great wordle..

  3. Beautiful poem. I love the first stanza .

  4. Quiet reflection a cave may give us answers but the screaming mob never will.

  5. Wonderful, Sasha. I love your ending.

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