Thursday, June 18, 2015

Weekly Wikems. June.

Hello, everyone,
hope all's well with you.

It's Thursday, feel like writing a wikem?

Frederic Leighton's "Flaming June" is in New York through Sept. 6 at the Frick Collection. Visit her if you get a chance.

"Why it's called 'Flaming June,' no one knows."   
For the review that with authority "dismembers" the painting, this line is an acknowledgement of defeat.

I say, thank goodness we don't know everything. Let's enjoy the painting.

And let's talk about June today.

Here's my wikem:


"...due to the precession of the equinoxes, June begins with the sun in the astrological sign of Gemini..." (Wikipedia) 

She's flaming June, she's you, the fleeting youth
wrapped in the gauze of time, a lucid dream,
the waking orange sun, reposing truth,
she's all that you may see, all things that seem
to be within your grasp, an ancient tune
forever young, she's you, she's flaming June. 

Look forward to your poems.

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer (a.k.a. "Happy") 


  1. Your simplicity is complex!
    We are all flaming... with imagination :)

    I went a bit longer:

  2. o-o-o-o! so many great bits in this gem; gauze of time, reposing truth, ancient tune forever young...thank-you.

    Mine will be late. We're in the end-of-school-year rush as well as trying to ship-shape the house and yard for a few events we're hosting in the next week, but June, (one of my favorite words in the world and slipping away before my very eyes) will be immortalized in ink if I get the chance:) see you soon!

    1. Thank you, Janet. Something tells me you'll find a moment to come up with a great poem :-)

    2. :) quick writing break with lunch...

  3. It took me a couple hours and I borrowed your form but here it is: