Thursday, June 25, 2015

Weekly Wikems. Time.

Hello, everyone,
hope all's well with you.

It's Thursday, feel like writing a wikem?

June is drawing to a close. Hard to believe, but true. Should we talk the fleeting time?

I want to honor my special friends today. My three loyal companions on the wikems journey. It would have been pretty lonely without you.

Thank you for sharing a bit of the fourth dimension with me.

"Time is often referred to as the fourth dimension." (Wikipedia)

Her gems is casting Jules,
the small verse glistens. Rose
is blooming, Janet Ruth,

the faithful Janet Ruth,
her magic's weaving. Jules,
the storyteller; Rose,

the prideful momma Rose,
the rhyme queen - Janet Ruth.
"Words are like jewels," says Jules.

Gems - Janet Ruth, Jules, Rose.


I'm putting wikems on hold for the time being.

We are half way through the year. If you've been with me since prompt one, you've written a chapbook's worth of wiki poems!

I'm not going anywhere, though. Thank you again for being here, in this cyberspace.

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer (a.k.a. "Happy")

P.S. I hope you'll write and share a 'time wikem' :-)

P.P.S. Green thumbs, could you tell me the name of the flower in the pic I posted, please? (Something I have in my garden, don't know what it is.)


  1. oh! another 'dear-to-my-heart topic'. Thank-you for allowing us to play.
    That flower is beautiful, but a stranger to it an annual or perennial?
    I'll be back later to write...getting ready for Victoria's friends to come for a school-year end camp-out tonight. We watched a video taped when they were in Kindergarten, last night at the graduation ceremony so I am steeping today in the Awareness of Time's subtle demise...

    1. The flower is a perennial. It's growing in a very odd spot, I want to move it when the blooms are gone.

      Good luck with the party, sounds fun :-) Watching old videos is tough, though.

      Cannot wait for your time poem.

    2. I'll keep checking to see if someone knows the kind, then see if it is available here.

      One thing I know for sure about tonight is that it will be NOISY!!...good Times:)

      here is the link, and thank-you again.

    3. Good Times indeed :-)

      Thank you, Janet.

  2. Continue creatively in all you do - Thank you!