Thursday, October 1, 2015

October haiku

water droplets fall
having wandered the tall skies
return back to earth

It's a gray, rainy first day of October. I love autumn, and rain, but I miss summer today.

This garden sculpture is alive. The expression of this being changes all the time. 

(Don't blink! "Doctor Who" fans will know what I mean.)

My angel is kind.

Live for the Love of it,


  1. I've only seen a few Doctor Who episodes.
    Good to have kind angels around.

  2. My daughter is a huge "Whovian." I think you have to be fourteen - or fourteen at heart - to fully appreciate that show :-) I might be too old, I'm afraid.

    The weeping angels episodes are pretty scary, I have to admit. Make you treat all sculptures with respect.

    1. Dr. Who is like the Twilight Zone. You either love it or just can take so much of the campy shenanigans. I used to watch Get Smart when it first came out. Funny that my one younger son watched it with his afternoon snack when he came home from school.

      Kind of fun to occasionally watch the older shows. But I don't watch all that much TV anymore. Especially during the holidays with all the commercials to buy what we don't want or need.

      And when I watched the one history show that showed how the Greek priests paid a clever engineer of the time to make statues weep water and seep blood...well that throws corks into the waxworks for sure. Greedy priests. Not so nice. First automated coin machine was to dispense holy water.

    2. Love Twilight Zone. The old Doctor Who I cannot watch, I did watch most of season 11. To make my daughter happy :-) Actually, she knows Get Smart very well (watched it on Me TV) and right now is taking part in a high school Get Smart production!

  3. Cool. Much success to all the 'Players' and backstage crew too!