Monday, October 26, 2015

Backyard miracles

Live for the Love of it,


  1. Gorgeous! These photos remind me of a line from a book I am reading...
    "Nature lets herself go. there is no sense of restraint."

    1. Thank you, Janet. I'm actually enjoying my iPhone now. Took me a long while, and I still barely know the gadget, but I like snapping pictures with it.

      This is a beautiful quote. What's the book?

  2. I may get one yet...the family wishes I would but our phone plans are so expensive:( Still, texting is the way of young people and I would 'chat' with Melissa in TO more often if I had one.

    the quote is from the book I mentioned here last week...

    It is an accumulation of stories by the same author, F.W. Boreham D.D. about people whether poets or preachers and all in between who changed and profoundly touched others lives by their lives. the book is entitled Arrows of Desire.

    1. I'm very conservative. Loved my old mobile phone. But it didn't take pictures, and didn't recognize Cyrillic. Texting with your daughter is a huge plus. I think you'll grow to like the phone once you get it.

      I read the post you linked to, looks like a wonderful book. I'll look for it. Thank you, Janet.

  3. Lovely.
    This is my daily piece:
    (I can't center comments)

    Adorning Autumn

    Full moon
    at six
    in the October chill frosted morning
    covered by thin dewy clouds - nature’s
    white lace
    across a
    silver face


    The Trinet: just 7 lines with word counts of 2,2,6,6,2,2,2