Saturday, October 24, 2015

Soviet Bus Stops

"Soviet Bus Stops" by Christopher Herwig (Fuel Publishing)

Altai Mountains, Kazakhstan
Altai Mountains, Kazakhstan 

"...made me realize that the Soviet Union can be remembered for more than the cliches we grew up with in the West."
-- Christopher Herwig 

Image credit: Christopher Herwig/Fuel Publishing

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  1. Replies
    1. It is, isn't it?

      I'm not for idealizing the past, but I grew up in the Soviet Union and know first hand that not all things were bad. Some were good, some great.

      Cliches can be dangerous.

  2. Yes cliches and pre-judgement about any and everything can be very dangerous.

    I grew up all over the place...probably about 25 places before I was 25. But now I'm settled well enough.

    There are good people and great people to be found everywhere. And some where we least expect them.

  3. Thank you for your link - I saw some of the article at my in-laws and they only had a few photos.