Monday, February 29, 2016

Rock Solid: Irish Wall / Raised Bed DIY

The Blizzard of 2016 became the largest snowstorm in Baltimore's history (since 1891) -- 29.2 inches.

snow angels in the middle of the street

my backyard

It was beautiful. Winter's good. But I'm so ready for spring.
Hang in there, fellow gardeners.

In the meantime, as the weather gets warmer, why not build something?
Feeling a bit Irish with Saint Patrick's Day coming up?

last spring, my "Irish wall/raised bed"

I was lucky: I had building materials scattered all around my backyard. Quarried boulders and flagstones. All I had to do was collect them.

I laid down the first layer of my miniature Irish wall using the quarried boulders. They defined the shape of the raised bed.

I then added several layers of the flagstones, stacking them at a slight inward angle for extra stability.

At only about 18 inches high, the wall did protect parsley and dill from wild rabbits. It looked pretty. And it didn't budge during the epic Blizzard of 2016!

Go collect some stones. Build a wall. Like they did in the old times.

Then, when spring arrives, fill in the new raised bed with fresh dirt, plant some seeds, and watch them grow.

Live for the Love of it,

Sasha A. Palmer (aka Happy)


  1. I saw on the net a gal with a rabbit the size of a Doberman Pincer.
    ...not sure if 18 inches would be enough for that bunny.
    After my privit hedges get a trim I am going to try and put a raised garden in front of them in that small side yard that gets the most sun...

    I had gotten a plastic raised garden, but the wind knocked it over. I did get some tomatoes and herbs last year though.

    1. I'm going to have big rabbit nightmares now...
      Our bunnies are relatively small fellows with huge appetites. Ate all of the crocuses last spring ("Just eat the blossoms, that's the good stuff." --Thumper)

      Good luck with your raised garden, Jules.