Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lean on Me: Peony Supports

My flower bed is very young, only in its second year.
But things are growing.

Peonies are a lot bigger than they were last spring. I figured they would be, and early in the season installed four of these supports:

Bosmere E631 18-inch Plant Grid with 3 x 25-inch Legs (2-pack) 

It was an investment (one order--2-pack--was about $23 on Amazon), but it was worth it. 

With lots of heavy blooms, and the amount of rain we've had, my peonies would have been all floppy, lying on the ground by now. But no:

The support's barely visible. You really need to be up close to see it. (And that tiny white speck in the upper left happens to be my dog soaking up some sunshine.)

So, yes, I'm definitely happy with the results.

  • The supports seem very sturdy, well-made. I expect them to last for years.
  • They work for any tall blossoming plants, not just peonies.
  • They come in different sizes. 

The 18-inch grid with 25-inch stakes was recommended for young peonies. Eventually I'll probably need to switch to something bigger, but so far there's plenty of room for the plants.

Important: place the supports over your plants early to let the plants grow through the grids.

That's what my peonies did -- just grew through the grids. I didn't have to guide the plants at all, they knew what to do.

Happily recommended.

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer (aka Happy)

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