Sunday, May 22, 2016

Palmer's Garden

our friend Janet made this sign for us

the master and mistress of the garden
(no animals were harmed during the photo session)

two gardens in one:
David's veggies & Sasha's flowers :)

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer (aka Happy)


  1. I like that Janet's work. enjoyed the photos and your words. Your gardens are so nice!!! love, love those peonies.

    1. We like the sign very much, too Our gardens must look tiny to you, Janet :) I remember pics of yours. The flower bed's only in the second year, but this spring it's actually beginning to look like a flower bed. And to my delight all peonies are blooming, love peonies!
      Thank you, Janet.

    2. The great hing about gardening is not only what is but all we have to look forward to as we plant!Enjoy!

  2. I've just played with moving some bulbs and a small garden in pots and tubs on the driveway. Too much shade in my back yard as well as critters.

    I had peonies once at a different place where I lived. I was amazed to find out that ants and (well I think anyway) peonies need each other. At least the flower needs the ants to get unstuck and bloom. Something like that anyway.

    Good luck with both of your gardens. :)

    1. How interesting about ants and peonies. I was keeping an eye on ants, but since the peonies didn't seem to mind them, I figured I wouldn't either.

      Thank you, Jules, and good luck with your garden :)

      P.S. We have tons of rabbits. I'd much rather not have a fence around the flower bed, but it helps to keep them away.

  3. We've got some big rabbits here too.
    I brought home some roses from the market one day...
    and they actually started growing leaves in the vase.
    I remembered from somewhere that if you put small willow branches in with a plant you want to grow that it will help root the plant you want to grow.

    I'm not sure if they helped the roses, but the willow branches rooted. I put them in a pot outside. Only one of the rose stems seems to be growing (I also added some of that powdered root stuff to the rose that is supposed to help). The pot wasn't up high enough...I put the rooted willow in with the rose stems...and I think the bunnies ate two of the willow stems new leaves!

    "It is true that there is a special relationship between ants and peony buds. However, the relationship is the reverse of what the folk tale claims. The peonies don't need the ants, but the ants do take advantage of the peonies!"

    Just to set the record straight I looked it up - the quote comes from this site:

    1. Sorry about your willow branches, Jules. I haven't been a fan of rabbits ever since they ate all of my crocuses last year. Trying to figure out a way to keep them out of the yard.
      Thank you for the quote about ants and peony buds :)