Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Strange Image": Echoes of William Morris' "November"

I meant to take a picture of this pumpkin, then realized I accidentally took a self-portrait :)
Here's my "face in the woods" creation (can you spot another laughing pumpkin in the lower left corner, and a somewhat stern looking creature to the right of me, leaning in and looking straight into the camera?):

"Yea, I have looked, and seen November there;
The changeless seal of change it seemed to be,
Fair death of things that, living once, were fair;
Bright sign of loneliness too great for me,
Strange image of the dread eternity,
In whose void patience how can these have part,
These outstretched feverish hands, this restless heart?"

--  William Morris, November

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. Palmer (aka Happy)


  1. Ha! Ha! love it.William Norris strikes November's chords in all the right places with this poem!

    1. First my own face made me jump, but when I spotted the green "face" next to mine, that seriously spooked me :)

  2. If you look bottom left...corner the leaves seem to hide another face whose smile looks like Batman's Joker...maybe there is something to be said for having an over active imagination. What, though I'm not quite sure...

    1. I called it a laughing pumpkin, but yes, it does look like Joker..I see it well, so you aren't imagining things :)
      (Not that there's anything wrong with imagining.)