Saturday, August 8, 2020

"Let us be fools"

Some scientists may know well the Earth’s not flat,
But fail to see an inch before their noses.
What is the use of knowledge, of all that
Extensive studying, when one exposes
Stark ignorance of heart, akin to that
Of folks who say our marble-Earth is flat?
Yet, some unlucky chap, who had no chance
To go to school and learn, may just the same
Be wise of heart, for those, who at a glance
Can recognize the pain of others, claim
The prize in knowledge. No, it is not by chance
That fools are kings’ advisors. Lest we glance

Like dragonflies over the pond of life,
Not ever diving in, let us be fools,
Grow wise of heart, for it’s a worthy strife,
And keep on studying, for that there’re schools.

Live for the Love of it,

Sasha A. Palmer (aka Happy) 

Image credit: Pixabay