Friday, August 14, 2020

Thanos (Keatsian sonnet)

Happy dance: my Keatsian sonnet received 

an honorable mention in a Bout-rimés competition of The Spectator magazine!


You know not thirst or hunger, once you’re dead,
No more you’re blinded by the scorching sun
When tilling barren fields, no need to run
From friends turned foes. Death is the sweetest mead,
While life is bitter. Too much life will lead
To ruin. Believe, I dread what must be done,
I am no brute. I do not find it fun
To kill the wretched folk, I do not weed
The weak, imperfect ones. No, I would never
Play God, I know my place. When morning frost
Kills budding blooms, I cry. And when the shrills
Of half the universe subside, then ever
So keenly I will feel all I have lost,
   Alone, I’ll watch the sun set o’er the hills.

Live for the Love of it,

Sasha A. Palmer (aka Happy)