Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Forever Old" (a Happy Halloween poem)

“Darling, when we’re together, every day is Halloween.”
Morticia Addams

“Forever Old”

The moon was full, the graveyard
Was misty and serene,
The party had not started,
Just two of them were seen –

Just two decaying corpses:
A beggar one had been,
The other one, with tresses,
She’d been a cruel queen.

The beggar begged, “My dearest,
Come rattle bones with me,
I’m lonely, o my scariest,
As lonely as can be.”

Her teeth did click-cluck-clatter,
“Me? Rattle bones with you?
But, frankly, as a matter
Of fact…I’m lonely, too.”

“What do you mean, my mummy?
What is your final say?”
“Oh, do not be a dummy,
Come, rattle me away!

Let’s spend our death together,
Why not?  I’ll be your queen.”
(The dead began to gather:
‘twas time for Halloween.)

“What’s up?” they said.  “We’ll marry,”
The beggar told them. “Hey!
Woo-hoo!” they howled, “Be merry
And wed without delay,

Don’t let the iron go cold,
Strike!”  So, that night they wed
And stayed forever old,
Forever happy dead.

Live for the Love of it,
The Happy Amateur

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  1. A fan of the original Addams cartoons as well as the original TV series. Saw a couple of the films. But not the newest one.

    If bones could talk - nice conversation! :)

    1. Our whole family enjoys them (the original TV series)very well made, with style :-)
      Thank you for visiting, Jules.