Monday, June 8, 2020

Born Wild: the Joy of Wildflowers

I've always loved wildflowers. In fact, I prefer them. This year I'll have them in my backyard.

I sowed them where the vegetable garden used to be. Got rid of two raised beds in the middle, leveled the ground (to the best of my ability) and prepped a spot for a small fire pit. And in the raised beds along the perimeter -- planted wildflowers.

fire pit area, May 2
Since we used to grow vegetables there, the soil was pretty good, though not particularly rich. I didn't add anything to it, just weeded and loosened it, and sprinkled the seeds onto the surface. Very gently raked them in and watered them using a watering can.

I'm in USDA Zone 7b and sowed the seeds on April 19. I thought we're past any danger of the frost, but there were a couple of close calls when the overnight temperatures suddenly dropped. However, they never went down to below freezing, and there were no seedlings yet.

seedlings, May 16
The first sprouts appeared on April 27. I watered daily until the seedlings were established. After that -- as needed. I watched them fill out the raised beds, enjoying them even though there were no flowers yet. I expected to see the first blooms mid June.

Well, today is the big day! Here they are, the very first ones:

They could probably use a bit more sunshine--they are in partial shade (that's why vegetables had to move: not enough sun)--but so far so good. I have a feeling they'll do well. Wildflowers are pretty tough. Cannot wait to see them all in bloom!

Live for the Love of it,

Sasha A. Palmer (aka Happy)


  1. Nice! Victoria and I love wild-flowers too! they are so dainty and free-spirited:)

    1. I'll see how these annuals do and maybe next year I'll try a perennial wild flower mix..